Barton Solvents

El Dorado, Kansas

PBA Architecture

6,000 SF Office
41,500 SF Plant
14,000 SF Dock
13,500 SF Loading Dock

Barton Solvents facility was built in conjunction with the master campus plan of BG Products. The industrial site was undeveloped so all streets, utilities, water, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage had to be brought to the site before construction could commence. 700 feet of rail spur also had to be installed to accommodate Barton's rail service needs.

There is over 240,000 SF of heavy duty concrete paving to allow access for transport trucks around the site. Since all of the transport trucks have to weighed, a drive-on scale was installed by the loading dock. The facility also features a large tank farm that contains sixteen 30,000 gallon tanks, seventeen 15,000 gallon tanks and four 10,000 gallon tanks that are used for product storage.