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CareersThe construction industry is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and challenging careers that a person can become involved in. With each completed project, whatever your role is, a testament of your hard work and effort will stand before the community for years to come. Every project completed by Dondlinger is done so with our company motto in mind: Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility. This philosophy is not just a company statement but it is also a reflection of the employees of Dondlinger, at all levels.

Dondlinger has divisions of work in Building, Bridge, and Utility construction. This diversity of experience has long been a hallmark of the firm and has strengthened the company as various segments of the market change. Diversity tends to be more likely to translate into stability as an organization. This stability also produces high morale in the company when through our diversity; we have positioned ourselves to be successful.

Dondlinger is an equal opportunity employer where minorities and females are encouraged to apply.